Kristian House

Kristian House has carved out a career as one of the countries top cyclists of the past decade. Originally from Kent, House grew up and started his racing career in Austin Texas, before returning to Europe to fulfill his ambition to become a professional cyclist.

Following a spell on the Great Britain track team, and a season with the Pro-continental Navigators team, House has been a permanent fixture of John Herety’s teams since 2008. In that time House’s tenacious riding style has brought him wins in the National Road Race Championships, the overall classification of the Tour of South Africa, the King of the Mountains title at the Tour of Britain, as well as stage wins in the Tour of Japan, Vuelta Leon, and a number of Tour Series and Permier Calendar victories.

At 34 House will be the elder statesman of the team in 2014, and he will no doubt continue to lead by example at the head of the team.

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In His Own Words

Kristian House’s most memorable race

“That’s a tough one, there’s the Surrey 5 day where the GB ‘B’ team stuck it to the GB ‘A’ team, and Tom Southam and I took all the jerseys… There is the tour of South Africa where I won the first stage and I had an incredible team around me that rode on the front for 8 days to help me defend it. When I look back at the way we did that… It really was something special. There’s the national champs that will always be close to my heart as it’s something I always wanted and dreamed about.

“But if I’m honest the one I feel most proud of was my stage win in Japan. We went there with Lappers for GC and myself to get in the breaks to assist him later on in stages, but on the uphill mass start TT it all fell apart and GC hopes went out the window.

“I can remember sitting down with Lappers in the hotel room, both of us feeling down, and he turned to me and said ‘Fuck it; we’re going to win tomorrow. Both of us will get in the break and we are going to win’.

“We came up with a plan for the next stage, stuck to it, and both of is rode out of our skin… Either one of us could of won that day – it didn’t matter who, but I ended up crossing the line first. I’ll never forget the satisfaction we got from that day, it was something else.”