ToB stage 5
by Paul Rowlands | 17/09/09

As Tom said, “it’s just the same thing every day. I think definitely tomorrow, or the next day…maybe it’ll just end like this.”

When I wrote about the music I’d be listening to on the race before the start I mentioned Hot Chip’s tune, Over and Over. So far it’s proved to be an apt description of the race to date. Every day the possibility that something would happen, some defining moment of the race, but every day the pattern is (on the whole) repeated. More often than not, with a certain Norwegian cyclist on the top step of the podium.

Chatting with the riders after the stage there’s a certain sense of inevitability creeping into the pattern of the race, it doesn’t mean that there’s no point in attacking, it’s just that you know that if Columbia feel you’re dangerous, you won’t be going far up the road. I hope Kristian takes that to be in some way a personal complement, he attacks everyday, so far nothing has stuck.

Thursday sees us into the hardest days of the race. It doesn’t look at the moment like anyone will be causing Mr Boassen Hagen too much trouble, but surely a few more riders will be shaken out of contention on GC, perhaps things will loosen up enough for some spectacular racing. But then we’ve been saying that since the start of the week!

Until the next time… I’m off to buy myself a Monkey with a miniature cymbal.